Thursday, September 23, 2010

Anatomy of the Perfect Cookie

What makes a cookie worth every indulgent bite?

We don't discriminate, there are many perfect cookies out there. To each cookie, its own - whether you are talking about a crumbly, dense, chewy, soft, crunchy or delicate cookie, each has its own merits. That said, when we make our cranberry white chocolate chip cookies, these are some of the qualities we hope to achieve:

- crispy golden edge -

- a crispy surface that gives way into a buttery tender bite -

- crinkles: cookie wrinkles where the crust meets the moist center -

- irridescent patches of intense chewy goodness -

- small pieces of smooth white chocolate morsels that peak through the crisp surface -

- flakes of nutty coconut -

- tart dried cranberries to contrast the sweetness of the cookie -

Post a reply to let us know what you look for in your perfect cookie - one post will be randomly chosen for a free sampler of our cookies!


  1. Damn it Esther, you're making me hungry

  2. Crisp, buttery shell leading to an inside with deep, brown sugar flavor that's just chewy enough, with pockets of melted, intense chocolate. yum =)

  3. It has to have a great golden color and buttery texture!