Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What We Do For Style: The Style Network’s Give and Get Fete 2nd Annual Event

Don’t let us fool you—the staff of Batch From Scratch do a lot of things for style, but during our “Hollywood weekend,” we found a whole new meaning to the phrase “pain is beauty.”

Exhibit A: My beloved All-Clad kitchen mitts.

For all those who wondered why flame retardant oven mitts were created, please view Exhibit A above. I swear it was spontaneous combustion – one minute I was browning butter and the next I smell something burning and the baking crew in tears of laughter. Lesson learned—as much as they make you happy, nice oven mitts do NOT belong in a commercial kitchen. Although, good job All-Clad for making them flame retardant!

Exhibit B: My burned arm

Being in a new kitchen, we weren’t yet used to where everything is. I can also be a little clumsy, so I wasn’t surprised that accidentally bumped into a hot pan. Although it looks painful, it was nothing compared to waking up bright and early that Monday.

Thankfully, we were able to produce our 1300+ cookies for the Style Network and Dress for Success’ 2nd Annual Give & Get Fete Event. Special thanks to Jeannie Mai, Wendy Schellinger, and Jeffrey Chen for helping us be part of such a great cause!